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Engine Expo 2008 Open Technology Forum

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Engine Expo 2008 Open Technology Forum

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Tuesday 6 May 2008

Day 1 - Morning Session
Reducing Emissions

Meeting the challenge – EU CO2 outlook
Global Insight Ltd – Tom De Vleesschauwer, associate director - automotive consulting

European consumers’ attitudes and perceptions toward sustainability, environment and alternate powertrains

Frost & Sullivan – Frank Leveque, program director


Light vehicle powertrains – technology and production for global markets

Knibb, Gormenzano & Partners – Alex Woodrow, international management and technology consultants


The potential of the CO2 emission reduction with a downsized engine and waste heat regeneration system

heat2power – Randolph Toom, director


Reduction of parasitic losses in heavy-duty diesel engine cooling systems

Comesys Europe Ltd – Nikolas Staunton, research engineer


Air could be the answer
Scuderi Group LLC – Salvatore Scuderi, president


Combined Z- and HCCI-combustion makes low emissions and high effective pressure possible at the same time
Aumet Oy – Timo Janhunen, engineer


Smart coatings and their contribution to emission reduction in ICUs
Sulzer Metco - Dr Peter Ernst, head of automotive venture


The use of nano compounds in automotive industries for emission reduction and better qualities
SAPCO – Morteza Amroono Hassani, head of chemistry


Day 1 - Afternoon Session
Engine Downsizing - Part 1

Advances in engine downsizing technologies

Frost & Sullivan – Sivam Sabesan, automotive tech analyst

Supercharger matching – two speeds is better than one but is it enough?

Antonov Automotive Technologies – Chris Baylis, operations director


A hybrid turbocharger for engine downsizing

Aeristech Ltd – Bryn Richards, managing director


Engine Downsizing - Part 2

Partnering with developing economies

Infotech Enterprises Ltd – Vikash Khitha, practice head automotive

Green diesel in-cylinder combustion pollution and sizing reduction by the utilization of new combustion technologies and application

Green Diesel Corp – Ron Kukler, CEO


Revolutionary new design IC engine – Synchro Engine optimal structure to produce great torque while minimizing emissions

Orbit Motor Companies – Yasuo Watanabe, president


Heat and mechanical loads after downsizing – looking for the optimum

Technical University of Wroclaw – Dr.Zbigniew Sroka, lecturer / researcher

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