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Railway Interiors Design & Technology Forum

Day 2

10:30 : 12:50
Materials and composites - Weight reduction and efficiency
Day 2 Wednesday 16 November 2011

Download PDFAdvanced lightweight composite materials for railway interiors
Dr Richard Horn, rail market manager, Advanced Composites Group

Download PDFThe case for lightweight in rail applications
Mr Philipp Angst, product manager Core Materials, Airex AG

Download PDFLightweight flame-retardant thermoset composites compounds with low smoke generation
Mr Waldomiro Moreira, ABMACO Member - Associação Brasileira dos Materiais Compositos,

Download PDFImproved transit vehicle construction and operational cost reductions through lightweight, firesafe, moisture-resistant phenolic composite panels
Mr Ryan Kober, sales manager, Milwaukee Composites Inc

Download PDFSandwich panels in railway interiors applications
Mr Gunnar Ziwes, manager Sales, Euro-Composites

Download PDFAluminium rail interiors: superforming your design!
Mr Samuel Jeffreys, sales engineer, Superform

Download PDFInnovative, very light and strong, composite interior parts
Mr Willem Böttger, director business development, NPSP Composieten BV

14:00 : 16:20
Fire protection, regulations, standards and passive safety
Day 2 Wednesday 16 November 2011

Download PDFInsight into the latest developments of fire safety regulations and TSIs
Mr Bass Leermakers, project officer - Interoperability - TSI sector, European Railway Agency

Download PDFFire protection: blessing or curse? How compensation helps solve problems
Mr Michael Klinger, consultant, IFAB

Download PDFTS 45 545: does new standard mean new materials?
Mr Franck Poutch, director, CREPIM

Download PDFPassive safety of standing passengers in public transportation
Ms Marie-Christine Chevalier, Research Engineer, LBMC UMR_T 9406, IFSTTAR - Université Lyon1

Download PDFTotal composite solutions acc. EN 45545-2: coating, gel-coat and resins passing all requirements
Mr Paul Wartenweiler, marketing and sales manager, Walter Mäder AG

Download PDFCost-efficient fire protection solutions including detection, suppression and control
Dipl Ing Klas Nylander, technical director, Consilium Marine & Safety Transport Division

Download PDFCombining high-class fire safety and interior design: HI-FOG pop-out nozzles
Mr Petteri Valkohaapa, manager, Stations & Rolling Stock, Marioff Corporation Oy

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