Engine EXPO 2010
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Engine Expo 2010 Open Technology Forum

Powertrain – engine and transmission developments
Day 1 Tuesday 22 June 2010 - Morning session

Download PDF Europe’s light vehicle powertrain sector – evolution or revolution?
J.D. Power – Al Bedwell, senior manager

Hyundai / Kia LPI technology
Hyundai Motor ETC – Dr Joachim Hahn, manager powertrain

Download PDF Dynamic evaluation of flexible crankshaft model under diesel engine operation
ThyssenKrupp Campo Limpo – Alex de Souza Rodrigues, structural engineer

Developments in NASCAR racing engine valvetrain technology
Motorsports engineer – Charles Jenkes, consultant

Download PDF Three-dimensional multistage rotary engine with external combustion chamber
Automotive drivetrain consultant – Deiter Schaller

Download PDF Electron beam technologies for highly effective welding and surface hardening of engine and gear components
PTR Präzisionstechnik GmbH – Dr. Klaus-Rainer Schulze, head of sales

Download PDF Filters contribute to CO2 emission reduction challenge
SOGEFI Filter Division – Philippe Dubin, R&D director

Engine manufacturing – downsizing and optimisation
Day 1 Tuesday 22 June 2010 - Afternoon session

Outlook for MEMS and Sensors in Automotive Powetrain Applications - A market forecast
iSuppli - Dr.Richard Dixon, senior analyst, MEMSensors

Download PDF Advanced optimisation techniques for downsized heavy-duty diesel engines
Ashok Leyland Ltd – Athar Mohammed Khan, deputy manager - engine R&D

Download PDF A report on Scuderi Engine testing and results
Scuderi Group – Stephen Scuderi, vice president, patent attorney

Download PDF Engine downsizing – a Kaizen approach
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd – Amit Gautam, manager

Advanced injection and turbocharger technology
Day 1 Tuesday 22 June 2010 - Afternoon session

Download PDF Development of water-cooled exhaust turbochargers
ACTech GmbH – Sven Hensel, project manager R&D

Advantages of Hitchiner counter gravity centrifucal casting process for high volume production of steel pistons and turbine wheels in nickel base alloys
Hitchiner Manufacturing Company – Olivier Dromard, director Europe sales