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Vehicle Dynamics Expo 2012 Open Technology Forum

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Day 1

11:00 : 12:00
Suspension, damping, steering - Tuning, development and testing
Day 1 Tuesday 12 June 2012

Download PDFDrive innovation and integration into your test research with Moog
Mr Fons Hoeberichts, Business Development Manager Test Systems, Moog

No PDF availableProduct planning and design development of the Toyota GT86
Mr Tetsuya Tada, Chief Engineer - Product Planning Group, Toyota Motor Corporation

No PDF availableMR semi-active suspensions: modelling, fault detection and control
Dipl Ing Jorge de Jesús Lozoya-Santos, researcher, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Download PDFVehicle subsystems control using the concept of moding
Mr Prashant J. Narula, software development engineer, Adam Opel AG

No PDF availableDynamics of the Subaru BRZ
Mr Kazuo Ikeda, manager, Chassis Design Department, Subaru Engineering Division
Mr Hiroshi Watahiki, deputy general manager, Total Vehicle Peformance Integration Department, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd

Download PDFUsing driver simulators to accelerate car development
Mr Mike Phillips, head of Motorsport, McLaren Applied Technologies

Download PDFRunning Simulink models natively in co-simulation with Cruden software
Mr Maarten van Donselaar, CEO, Cruden BV

Download PDFRole of hybrid simulation in vehicle development
Mr Diego Minen, technical director, VI-grade

Download PDFHigh-fidelity transmission simulation for vehicle dynamics studies
Dr Orang Vahid, senior modeling engineer, Maplesoft Europe GmbH

Download PDFVirtual optimisation of suspension kinematics and compliance with dSPACE ASM
Dipl Ing Tino Schulze, product manager, dSPACE GmbH

Download PDFExperimental investigation on the dynamic modulus change of Natural Rubber under principal loading modes and different dynamic conditions
Mr Savas Kayaci, Engineering Manager, LASPAR Group

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